Posting of all financial transactions

Posting of all financial transactions We will post all of the following financial transactions on a weekly basis:

Posting all business bank transactions – we will post all receipts and payments for all business bank accounts including any PayPal accounts.
Posting purchase invoices and expenses – we will post expenses to the correct expense codes enabling you to obtain relevant financial information and comply with HM Revenue and Customs requirements.
Recording cash transactions – we will post all cash transactions where you have proper cash receipts
Credit card transactions and reconciliations – we will post all transactions on your business credit card and reconcile the closing balance each month
Completing payroll journals – if you run a payroll we will post the correct journals each month.
Making adjustments for any foreign currency transactions – Foreign transactions are complicated because you either have to deal with exchange rate conversions or accounting for finance fees on each foreign currency receipt or expense. But don’t worry; we’ll sort that out for you. These postings will ensure that everything is posted to the correct place, which means your financial records will always be accurate enabling you to make important financial decisions about your business. And of course, you can sleep at night knowing your financial records comply with HM Revenue and Customs requirements.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) can charge you a penalty if your records aren’t accurate, complete and readable. You may have to pay interest and penalties if your figures turn out to be wrong and you haven’t paid enough tax. HMRC may check your records to make sure you’re paying the right amount of tax.

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